Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Rope (1948)

The narration of a movie based on a 'prop' is interesting. This movie happens to be the first 'Alfred Hitchcock' movie in colour. Shot in a single set, this movie throws up a lot of interesting scenarios and a series of long takes. This movie is loosely based on a real-life murder committed by University of Chicago students famously known as Leopold & Loeb case.
The movie stars James Stewart as Rupert Cadell. The debatable theory of Superior vs Inferior is the theme and the whole movie revolves around the hideous intentions being masked by this theory.
James Stewart has the final say and in his own way, explains while being ashamed of his theory 'Superior vs Inferior'.
Hitchcock doesn't make a live cameo, instead, his profile on a neon sign board outside the window. Apart from James Stewart, John Dall as Brandon Call, Farley Granger as Philip Morgan has dialogues and are the main characters of the movie. Dick Hogan as David Kentley is the subject around which the movie unfolds.

Sir Cedric Hardwicke makes an appearance for a while as David's father. Joan Chandler completes the movie cast of a young actress missing the list.
The story is about a young student named David Kentley being strangled by a 'ROPE' by his friends Brandon Call and Philip Morgan. The reasons are not known and are not the matter of concern as far this movie goes. The only point was the intellectual superiority.
The body is hidden inside a chest where supposedly books were meant to be kept. A party is hosted by Brandon at his place to ensure everything is normal. He makes a mistake by inviting Rupert Cadell who unveils the mystery when many concerns were raised by the absence of David in the party.
The movie was an adapted version of the same title in 1929 by Patrick Hamilton.
Released in 1948, the movie Rope was one of Hitchcock's 'Infamous five lost' movies.

The Purpose Defeated

This comes a long way, as i am preparing to sleep with music on, I was wondering, the whole point of this blog was unfruitful. I watched the movies, because, I wanted to watch. Never mind the delay in watching them, I can safely say, I have made up for the loss. Atleast, I am not 50 years old and I am happy that legacy of cinema which my grandfather, my mother and her sisters, brothers had will continue through me.
I would say, I have been in a mood to watch anything that people call 'Old', 'Dull', 'Black 'n' White', 'Old Actors', 'Uncool', etc. These are ofcourse gone on to become so called 'Classics'.
The best way to know actors, actresses, directors, writers are to experience their works, very similar to appreciate a musician by listening to his/her piece of work. My likes or dislikes will just be a perspective. And to be honest, I can only influence few, not create a revolutionary opinion.
This blog was meant to touch up the movies I have been watching, and its been a long time.... I regret this, the purpose was defeated.
To the future, for the unregretful moments......... Till i call it 'cut(s)', instead of quits'